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tv   News  ABC  May 1, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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for this year's preakness. there's going to be more security officers at the track, and for the first time backpacks, duffel bags and coolers will be banned from the infield. you won't be allowed to bring alcohol inside, but food can be brought in in clear plastic containers. >> unfortunately with the boston tragedies we had a meeting with everyone and we made changes based on what transpired in boston. >> everything you bring may be searched. something to keep in mind. the federal government makes what appears to be its final decision on the morning after pill and its access for teen girls. linda so is here with those details. what is the new age requirement being lowered to? the fda has approved it for girls 15 and older without a prescription. you'll soon be able to buy the plan b pill over the counter and off the shelf as long as you're 15 years old. it's kept behind pharmacy counters. customers will need to present proof of age to buy it. it comes in the middle of a
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legal fight over morning after pills. two years ago the fda wanted to make it available to all women regardless of age. but they instituted the 17-year- old minimum age requirement. you'll with able to find the pill in a few months next to condoms and other women's health products. it will include a product code that will prompt the cashier to verify the customer's age. the cost is about $50. it's an issue all parents worry about, we're talking about bullying. howard county is trying to stop it with a new anti-bullying program. it includes technology to allow parents and kids to file anonymous reports of bullying. there will also be a campaign to raise awareness of bullying and training and resources for people who work with kids. the full plan will be unveiled at 10:00 this morning. abc2 is working for you. for more information on the
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signs of bullying, how to deal with it, efforts to stop it, go to there is a link that is no to bullies on our home page. the last day of school for baltimore county students is set. superintendent dr. dallas dent set it for friday june 14th. they were originally scheduled june 18th. classes are ending early because emergency time built in for the calendar wasn't used. the original schedule had high schoolers attending a half day for the last three days of school. now they're going to go for full days for those three days. go to our facebook page and let us know about that. roller coasters, carnivals and kid i did rides, what cub more fun. >> the downside to all of this. the number of stud -- >> and one man was not allowed to board a flight. much these days, huh?
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we want to warn you it's disturbing video and it's all over the internet purporting to
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show a deadly plane crash in afghanistan monday reportedly showing a u.s. civilian cargo plane veering out of control and crashing to the ground and exploding. all seven people died. all were u.s. citizens. it happened near the bagram airfield after takeoff. the taliban claimed responsibility but nato says those claims are false. smash and grab jobs are being seen on the rise in montgomery county. yesterday a group of thieves rushed into a cartier store. they smashed glass cases and took handfuls of jewelry. police tried to chase the suspects down. one officer lost control of his car and crashed in a neighborhood. several shops have been robbed in the past couple of months. a police car laying vertical of a utility pole. the officer saw a driver without his seat belt and turned around to pull him over but lost control of his cruiser and hit a guide wire and that
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shows basically him going up the pole. the officer did get in trouble. he was cited failure to maintain control and hitting a fixed object. it is 5:38. got to check this with linda lynette charles with a check of that forecast t. appears wednesday may be starting differently than monday and tuesday. >> we are starting differently because we are dry this morning. as we look at the satellite and radar we have a few clouds hovering across the area. mainly we will get some sunshine throughout the day. as the kids head out to school, they don't need the rain gear. they need a jacket on, a light one. we're going to call it cool with that temperature at 49 degrees. 67 as we go through the afternoon. lots of sunshine as they go out to recess today. it's going to be a good day. that sweater that you give them, they are going to have that around their waist by the time they come home from school. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. good news for those of you traveling on 695.
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a crash has been cleared from the inner loop at security boulevard. no delays in the area, and the outer loop nice and clear as you make the push from 795 all the way down to 95. we are looking at high speeds across the region. 56 miles per hour on 95 southbound in white marsh. 55 miles per hour on the beltway in parkville and here's a live look at the topside in towson at providence road. traffic is moving right along. the inner loop is clear down to 95 and the outer loop the normal 11 minutes from 95 all the way up to 83. and speaking of 83, here's a live look in hunt valley at schwan road. nothing to get in your way. that's a look at your time saver traffic. parents you know how hard it is to get your kids to eat the veggies. >> how one school zone is making sure they students don't miss a daily serving. >> and a stranger leaves a note for the damage on the car. why the driver is determined to pay it forward.
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as soon as you feelon it, try miralax. it works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. miralax. news around the nation. police in c are looking into a possible link between the murder of an 8-year-old and the intended kidnapping of a toddler. they arrested man who broke into an apartment and tried
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snatching a 15-month-old away from her mother. authorities can say they can't confirm if this is the same person who killed leila fowler in her home. they are saying similarities and a description of the murder suspect are connected. new evidence has been uncovered in connection with a ricin laced letter sent to president obama and two other public officials. according to an unsealed fbi aft a ricin dust mask was linked to james everett dutschke. he bought caster beams on the internet. they're used to make ricin. a preliminary hearing is set for tomorrow. a customer is being praised for his keen observations while ordering his coffee at starbucks. he notified a store manager a of he saw one employee pull two orange juice bottles from her bag and put them in the refrigerator. they tested that juice which had lethal amounts of rubbing alcohol. no one drank the tainted juice. the woman faces attempted
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murder charges. kids as young as 12 in san diego can have condoms delivered to their door. they don't need parental permission and can get up to ten condoms a month. it targets counties with high numbers of sexually transmitted diseases. state officials hope this will lower the number of std cases but parents say it goes too far. >> it's one more example of the government's intrusion on parental rights. >> we can't keep our heads in the sand and pretend like there isn't a problem. >> the program runs on a $5000 yearly budget paid for by federal tax dollars. it's deliberated more than 30,000 condoms across the state of california so far. we know the words that you can't say at an airport, bomb is one of them. >> 19-year-old of rocksville has turret syndrome. he said he couldn't board a flight because he has turrets. he told the airline and tsa ahead of time this could be a
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problem. he made it past security. but minutes before boarding the pilot heard him say bomb and got involved. >> they stood me out in front of everyone and told me like i'm in kindergarten i'm not allowed to go on the plane. >> jetblue thought he was a safety concern. after further investigation he was cleared and offered a free round ticket for the troubles. five things to know on this wednesday, jurors in a case between michael jackson's mother and concert giant aeg live got another glimpse into his private life. a paramedic described the efforts to revive him the day he died. the george w. bush presidential library and museum opens to the public today. hundreds came out last week to join the former president at the dedication ceremony library and museum honors bushes eight years of the white house. jason collins needs a job.
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the nba center ended his season with the washington wizard. he becomes a free agent on july 1st. he announced on monday he's gay. >> the governor of pennsylvania is suing the ncaa against sanctions. a hearing scheduled for oral arguments as -- the ncaa asking a judge to drop the lawsuit. >> the former neighborhood watch leader charged with killing a florida teenager will not try to seek immunity. he's notating second degree murder charges in the death of trayvon martin. >> it has been a very dreary past couple of days across maryland. fog was a big problem yesterday, and that drizzle just kept on going. >> we needed the rain so hopefully this took care of it. here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> we did need the rain. it didn't take care of it quite yet. look at what's behind me. not dealing with any type of fog. starting to see the sunrise in bel air. a good start to the day, and it's only going to get better.
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we i r are starting to see change in the forecast on this wednesday. it's 43 degrees in glenwood. pasadena's at 51. northville at 46 degrees right now, and we are at 46 degrees in federalsburg. huntingtown at 48 degrees. these temperatures will bump up as we go into the afternoon. at the surface we have high pressure. this is the reason why we are starting to get some sunshine in here and, this area of high pressure will continue as we head to the rest of the week. so be prepared for some drier weather. i know you didn't like the start of the week. things are starting to turn around. abc2's most accurate future trend goes into motion and we're not picking up on too much precip as we go through the rest of the next several days. good timing. that temperature today going in at 67 degrees. we have the sun. we have the clouds, and we have that warmup on tap as well. 46 degrees mostly clear and seasonable by this evening, and by tomorrow that temperature at
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69 degrees, mostly sunny and pleasant with 70s on tap as we head towards the weekend. let's get a check of your traffic now with lauren. we are starting the first monday of may off to a great start. lynette did mention we are dealing with a little bit of fog in frederick. if you are traveling in that area you might need to use low beams. 95 just north of 195 traffic is moving along. there's nothing to get in your way if you're traveling southbound to dc or northbound into the city. 895 we have a lot of construction still taking place along the northbound lanes at the spur and also here, but you can see not having an impact on your traffic. it will take just 8 minutes to travel from the toll plaza, 295, 695 in great shape. the east side you're looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 to 83, and the west side will remain nice and calm. it will take 12 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795
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down to 95. they're supposed to be fun but amusement park rides, and malls the rides hurt close to 5,000 children each year in the u.s. >> a new study shows 93,000 kids went to the emergency room for ride related injuries between 1990 and 2010. serious injuries account for a small percent of the accident. most involve a child hitting a body part on the ride. >> here's food for thought, ground turkey is touted as a healthier option to beef. consumer reports more than half of the turkey tested positive for fecal bacteria. the tests even found ground turkey labeled organic or raised without antibiotics were more likely to harbor bacteria than products without those claims. twinkies and ho hoes are on
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the way back. the company is reopening several bakeries. it expects some locations will be up and running in late may. the hope is to get the brand's popular snack cakes on shelves by july. one school in new york think they have a way to get kids to eat healthier. >> ps24 is the first school to have totally vegetarian cafeteria. it featured black beans and cheddar quesadillas with salsa and the kids can chow down on pb and j sandwiches. the students seem to be responding well. >> it makes me nutritious and i want to tell my family which makes me be more nutritious. >> it's healthy and it makes your body strong. >> do you ever have like a burger? >> rarely because it's unhealthy unhealthy. >> the new york city chancellor
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says other schools may consider going meat free. maybe it's catching on. >> catching on around the nation. a nebraska woman finds a note in her coo. >> the message from the stranger is something she didn't expect. the note that was left behind. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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nebraska is now at the center of a mystery regarding a random act of kindness. >> a generous donation has a woman on the receiving end talking about paying it forward. amanda crawford found a note on her windshield and thought someone scratched her car. it read "i've been on both ends of that before and it stinks. i hope this helps. attached 50 bucks. crawford says that the scratch is actually her fault. she hit a pole a few weeks ago and just never fixed it. >> i feel guilty having it. i want to thank this person. i want to shake their hand and thank them, and i want to give it back. that's what i was thinking. >> crawford posted fliers, talked to neighbors and no sign or suggestion of who could have left that money. there are a lot of things to worry about that's happening
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when you're anchoring a tv show. >> a meteorologist in houston had one of the worst possible things happen to him and couldn't stop. >> all you can say when you watch this video is oh, that had to hurt. the biker versus a biker on a popular flowed california. the view is really stunning. we'll share it with you when we come back wow, 10 days of allergy relief. i'm still claritin clear ! i've been claritin clear for 12 days ! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one clinically-proven claritin
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you're watching the station
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that works for you. now good morning maryland. cross dressing crooks are robbing people this mount vernon. one of the victims speaks out about what happened to him. >> they know your name and they want your money. a phone scam hit our area and and law enforcement's calling for you to be on the lookout. >> for some parents this is a bitter pill to swallow, the age to buy the morning after pill has been lowered. thanks for joining us i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get right to it with a check of that forecast. things may be different as you walk out the door. exactly. i think people are going to like the change out there. no type of rain. they can leave the rain gear at home. as we go into the afternoon we are going to be keel -- dealing with sunshine. the radar is dry right now. this pattern will continue for the next several days. we're not just talking about today. today we're getting things started. we'll still have a few clouds out there today and then plenty of sunshine will prevail. 46 degrees right now in hair
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ford and we have the winds out of the northeast at 2 miles an hour. they pick up more at about 5 to e go into the afternoon. the temperature right now in manchester is a seasonably cool 46 degrees. this is what you can expect, you're waking up around 8:00 this morning. we have a few clouds out there but still sunshine. you're going to see what's going to happen as you go into lunchtime. mostly sunny skies, temperature coming in at 65 degrees. we will be mild as we head into the 3:00 time frame with that high temperature at 67. 70 degrees for this time of the year. let's gate check of the traffic -- let's get a check of the traffic now. glad to see some sunshine. traffic is starting to pick up. we have a crash in baltimore county in white marsh on philadelphia road at al render road. if you're traveling on 95 nothing to get in your way. and speeds across the board are
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looking pretty good. the beltway in parkville, 55 miles per hour on the outer loop at harford road. no delays whatsoever on the inner loop down to 95. that outer loop will take you the the normal 11 minutes to travel from 95 to 83. the west side surprisingly clear. here's a live look at interstate 70. you're looking at a 12 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 to 95. that's a look at your traffic. nervous people in mount vernon this morning after reports of males dressing up as females robbing people. sherrie johnson is live at city police headquarters with reaction from neighbors. >> reporter: people in the mount vernon area are certainly keeping a close eye on their surroundings. police here at city headquarters are investigating a number of robberies of males dressing up as females trying to rob people in the mount vernon area. it appears the latest attack happened to marc fortino


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